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Whisky Tastings
& Experiences

Discover whisky your way

We provide a range of different whisky tastings and events, with the flexibility to tailor your experience to your needs. Because we think that a tasting can be many things. It can be a great way to kick off a big celebration, or an interesting way of bringing a team together. A chance to taste something new, rare or exclusive. Or even a journey around Scotland, a window into our heritage or even a lesson in biochemistry. There’s a lot to be found in a glass of whisky – and we’re here to help you find it.

If you have any special requests or requirements, we can source the right bottle for you. If you’re not sure what you need, we’re ready to offer our advice and expertise. And, if you want to create a completely bespoke experience built around your needs, we’re ready to talk.

Barman Pouring Whisky

An introduction to whisky

Our most popular event, this offers a window into the world of whisky that’s ideal for newcomers to the drink.

We bring the distillery tour to you, helping you learn how it’s made, delve into its history and discover how the layers of flavour build over time. It’s an engaging experience for the senses, using a range of drams to let you see (and taste) the differences that age and region can make. It’s a great way to discover whisky and, above all, it’s a fun way to spend an hour or two with friends.

Enjoying Whisky At A Party

Corporate whisky events

Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, a corporate event for your clients or an office bash for your team, our pop-up bar brings a touch of class to any event. We can offer a selection for tastings, or provide a cask for the occasion. Just get in touch and we’ll tailor everything to your needs.

Whisky Your Way

Whisky your way

The everything and anything option – where all of our expertise is at your disposal. Whatever the event, whoever your guests, wherever you’d like to us to come, we’re ready to design and deliver an experience that’s right for you. Explore regions and distilleries. Open your senses to different flavours. Discover all the factors and facets that make whisky so special. From the boardroom of your business to the backroom of your local pub, we’re ready to bring an unforgettable experience to you.

Whisky Tasting

Blind whisky tasting

The true test of whisky is all about its taste. Let us take you on an exciting journey of the senses, giving you a chance to explore the vast variety of flavours on offer across the world of whisky. You can compare Scotland’s regions, from Islay to Speyside. You can discover the different flavour profiles, from peat through to sherry influences, and you can see how single malts stand up against grain or blended whiskies. With our blind tasting, there are few better ways of delving into the fascinating flavours available.

Blend Your Own Whisky

Whisky blending

A master blender can spend decades refining their palette, honing their craft and developing their skills. Luckily, we offer the chance to do it all in an hour or two. We take you through the history, teach you about how whisky matures and introduce you to all the different flavour profiles. Then we break out the beakers and pipettes with a session where we get into the science of spirits, giving you everything you need to develop your very own blend.

Whisky Connoisseur

Uisce Beatha: The connoisseur package

For any whisky enthusiast, the chance to try an old, rare or high-end dram is the pinnacle of tasting experiences. We would know – we’re enthusiasts too. These informal events offer the chance to sample something special, as well as meeting fellow whisky fans, comparing tasting notes and sharing your passion for the water of life with friends. We have an array of collectable bottles available to try, and we’re ready to track down anything from the more refined or unusual end of the market. Just ask.

Whisky Weddings

Wedding whisky experiences

Could there be a better way to toast the bride and groom than with a superb dram? Whether it’s a pop-up bar, a tailored tasting experience for your guests, favours or a special cask blended and presented specially for the occasion, we can bring all the character and flavour of whisky to your special day. We’re ready to work with you and your venue to create a memorable experience your guests will love.

Whisky Cocktails

Whisky cocktails

Some people don’t know how much fun whisky can be. We’re here to open their minds and excite their senses. Because Whisky isn’t just for sipping or savouring – it also makes a great base for an exciting array of cocktails. Whether you’re looking for something a little different for a hen or stag do, or you want to bring a little Scottish flavour to your next celebration, we’re ready to shake things up.

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