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Wonders of Whisky

We are Wonders of Whisky

Wonders of Whisky is an Edinburgh-based Whisky events business, founded to help people discover a passion for Scotland’s water of life.

We run a wide range of whisky events with something for everyone. Whether it’s an office bash or a special celebration, a gathering of whisky enthusiasts or a chance to sample a rare or expensive dram, we’re ready to bring our expertise to make the experience.

Whatever you’re looking for, at a Wonders of Whisky event you’ll have the chance to discover everything that makes whisky great. You might learn something new. You may discover a new interest. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun.

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"This is my chance to share my passion, to help people along on their own journey of discovering all the Wonders of Whisky.”

Meet Mark Smith

“I’m a whisky collector, a whisky drinker and an all-round whisky enthusiast. When I’m not working with whisky (or spending time with my family), I enjoy sampling a dram – savouring its complexities and appreciating its craft. In short, whisky is my passion.

Of course, there was a time when I didn’t know so much about the drink, and today I wouldn’t claim to be the world’s authority on the subject. And that’s the best thing about it: the joy of discovery.

Exploring the flavours. Developing the palette. Learning the heritage. Understanding how it’s made. It’s all part of a journey – one that’s taken me from distillery to museum to warehouse (and even to the occasional bar). I’ve spent many years discovering it all, and I’ve loved every moment. I think you will too.”

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